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I love it when a plan comes together

#MKCan 2024

For the first time in weeks, the sun was shining. Time to discover whether all the planning had paid off.

As I mentioned back in February, the planning for our entry in the Mk Food Bank's #MKCan Logo Challenge took place over several months. After printing the plan, and ordering the cans (thanks again, Rachel!), there wasn't really much to do except work on other marketing projects and pray for good weather!

And fortunately, that's precisely what we got. In fact, at times it was a little hot for our Fintrano-branded gilets!

Aside from my family, who are always up for a bonkers challenge like this, I had been offered help from other members of the Prominent Media team. Dave had other plans, but Mani, Wesam and Grace were all planning on making an appearance.

My family are always up for a bonkers challenge like this

I thought I might need a little more help, and after sending up a flare, the wonderful Joe Pendle and his son Tom volunteered to complete the team. Things were rounded off nicely when Mani's daughter Tikita joined us - an unexpected bonus!

I hadn't made it easy for us. 774 cans is a lot, and I was hoping to get the logo created in the time my drone could stay in the air on one battery - about 20 minutes. It was ambitious, even for our intrepid team of ten.

For the curved letters, like 'a' and 'o', we had to build a full grid, 15x15 cans, and then take out the ones we didn't need. The team had no problem at all constructing even complicated glyphs in this way.

In about 25 minutes we were done. My drone didn't quite last the distance; I landed it with a couple of letters still to go, and when it took off again the entire thing was complete.

Huge thanks to everybody who took part - those cans will help fill a lot of hungry tummies

Huge thanks to everybody who took part - those cans will help fill a lot of hungry tummies, which after all was the main point of this.

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Iain is a software developer with over 25 years in the industry. He runs Prominent Media, a software company based in Milton Keynes. Fintrano is his brainchild.