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Frequently-Asked Questions

The big picture

Fintrano makes your customer communication effortlessly professional. When you add a job to Fintrano:

  1. An immediate confirmation is sent to the customer
  2. The day before the job, an automatic reminder is sent to the customer by text and email
  3. When you are on your way, you press a button in the app and your customer receives your live location (think Uber / Deliveroo / DHL / Amazon)

No more confusion from your customer about what was agreed, and no more wasted trips for you because your customer forgot the appointment.

Yes, every subscription includes one month free. If you don't like it, you are free to cancel anytime.

That's one way to look at it, yes. Fintrano holds information on all of your customers, and the jobs you do for them. You can easily search for a customer, and see the history of the jobs you have done for them.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems typically do a bit more than that; handling enquiries, marketing, estimates and quotes. The more they do, the harder they are to learn. So we are keeping things deliberately lightweight and focusing on the benefit to your customers of clear, professional communication.

Think of Fintrano as a baby CRM, if you like!

Our number one focus is on ease-of-use. We want this to be simple - effortless even - to use. The more features we add, the greater the risk that the system becomes hard to work with.

So while it is absolutely possible to give Fintrano more features, they would need to be universally desirable before we would add them.

The specifics

At the starter level - Fintrano Grow - it costs just 80p per job. You will be charged for a minimum of 25 jobs (£20) each month, but each additional job costs just 80p.

For larger companies, our Fintrano Pro subscription costs just 60p per job, but you will be charged for a minimum of 200 jobs (£120) per month.

In each case, you are charged at the end of the month for your usage. VAT will be added to the cost.

Absolutely. We have top-of-the-range encryption securing your data while it is in transit, and at rest. That means that even if somebody was to physically hack our system, they would not be able to access the data.

That's no problem at all. A single job can be rescheduled up to three times - after that it counts as a new job from a billing perspective.

Yes indeed. You can access the system on a PC/laptop via a web system, perfect for office-based administrators, as well as a mobile app, which is aimed at workers.

Almost everything can be done on both systems - the only thing that requires the app is the "I'm on my way" live tracking, which uses the smartphone's GPS.

So you can just pick the one which works best for you!

And, of course, the big one...

When are you launching?

The current plan is to launch the Beta* in May 2024, then launch properly in June 2024.

* A Beta Test is a working system which may still have a few bugs to work through.

If you have a question we haven't covered here, please ask us via our contact form.

Do you want a sneak peek at Fintrano?

We are now accepting applications for our Beta program. To apply, just complete the form below. If you are successful, you will get free access to the system in return for helping us spot and resolve any bugs.

Beta Program Application