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Everything you need to know, in just one minute

The video above is the work of Storm Videos - a Milton Keynes-based video production company.

What I enjoyed most about working with them was - and you won't be surprised to hear this - the effortless professionalism they demonstrated. Let me talk you through the process of getting this video made:

  1. I spoke to Matt, the founder of Storm Videos, and he give me a quote, including example concepts, and samples of voice actors to choose from
  2. I provided a script *
  3. I provided the example screenshots for reference
  4. The video came back - 99% perfect
  5. I gave one minor note (the animation showed too much typing) 
  6. The video came back - 100% perfect

I really struggle to think of any way in which the service could have been improved.

Critically, I did not need to guide the creative process - what was onscreen, and when - and the first draft was absolutely brilliant. I could easily have run with it.

From start to finish, the process took around three weeks. They know their stuff, these guys.


* Scriptwriting is very much in my wheelhouse, but if it wasn't, Matt would have sourced copywriters.

About the author


Iain is a software developer with over 25 years in the industry. He runs Prominent Media, a software company based in Milton Keynes. Fintrano is his brainchild.