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Fintrano Logo as a plan of cans

At Fintrano we love a challenge, so when MK Food Bank launched this year's MK Can Logo Challenge I knew we had to take part.

The first step was planning what to do. So I fired up Affinity and started downscaling our logo to be just a few pixels, with the plan that each pixel would represent one can. Then I got counting! And once I'd double-checked the numbers, it was time to fire up the spreadsheet.

We have the advantage that our colour scheme incorporates a rich, deep blue. Klein Blue, the wizards at WHP Creative called it. So I figured we could simply arrange our cans on a standard blue tarp and get the drone in the air to take a nice shot. The reflective tops of the cans should be a lovely bright white if we do it outdoors.

But how many cans, and how much tarp, are we looking at?

Well, as you've probably spotted, we came out at a final count of 774. Since they come in packs of 12 (unless I can source them by the pallet) we'll end up with 780 on hand, giving us a few spare if my counting went awry at the beginning.

And the tarp? Well, my maths suggest 9x3m will do the trick. I hope so, because I've already put my Amazon order in...

Now all I need to do is source and store 373kg of tinned goods before April. Wish me luck!

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Iain is a software developer with over 25 years in the industry. He runs Prominent Media, a software company based in Milton Keynes. Fintrano is his brainchild.